Burnley FC Fans: It’s Time to Worry

Burnley FC football fans

The Burnley faithful have been warned that it is time to worry about the club’s fortunes.

Despite a recent upturn in form, there are still many problems at the club and they need to be addressed before Burnley can hope for bigger things. The Burnley board of directors has been criticised for not investing enough money into the team when compared with other clubs in England.

This has led many Burnley fans to feel worried about the club’s future and whether they will be able to compete with other clubs in the top flight of English football.

Burnley FC is now 15th in the Premier League table.

Is Sean Dyche the right man for the job?

Sean Dyche is the perfect man for Burnley.

He has managed to turn a team that was miles away from the Premier League into one of England’s top teams in just five years. He deserves all the credit he can get because it isn’t easy to do what he did at Burnley where they were struggling in leagues below for a long time and now, they’re one of the best teams in England.

Dyche is a genuine manager with an authentic personality that Burnley fans love and want to see at the helm for years to come.

He has been put through his paces by many clubs before he arrived at Burnley but now it’s time for him.

So who’s fault is it that Burnley FC isn’t contending for top 4?

It has the right manager, it’s got some great players and there are only three games left before they can clinch promotion back into the Premier League – as if that wasn’t enough pressure already!

Burnley FC fans should feel a sense of urgency because this could well be their year, but are we ready for it?

What player’s would we need to really make us top contenders?

– We want a new striker, Kane and Aguero are the only ones we need in this position.

– A defender to replace Keane or at least put some pressure on him for his place. Must be prepared to play both as left back and centre back with experience of playing international football too!

What midfielders are necessary to be replaced at Burnley FC?

– We need a new midfielder to replace Hendrick.

– Another central midfielder who can play in the middle of the park and someone with experience too. Could be used as cover for Hendrick or just played if we lose him.

So in summation, what do Burnley FC fans want?

– A new striker, a defender and midfielder.

– Ideally Kane or Aguero as our centre forward but we’re not going to be able to afford that so someone who’s more affordable such as Mitrovic would suffice!

– We need cover for Hendrick and left back too if necessary.